Welcome to Coldest

Welcome to the home of the open source mech combat game, Coldest. On this site you can find general information about playing the game, screenshots, and forums for contacting other players and the developer. Best of all, the game is completely free so don't hesitate to give it a try!

Note: The game is currently in a state that could generously be described as beta. The site is similar. Please report any problems with either of them in the forums or the bugs database.

Housewarming Complete

Which means that I should have a little more free time coming up, although there have been a number of unexpected things that have also come up recently so there are no guarantees. Continue reading »

Moving is Very Time Consuming

I know I said I was going to schedule some playtesting in the near future, but that was about the same time that they started building my house and time has been a bit tight for me lately. I could carve out some time to do playtesting, but I wouldn't really have time to work on the game to fix any problems that come up so it wouldn't make sense to do it now. The next two or three months are probably going to be super busy, but I will be back at it after that.

Good News on the Updater for a Change

Third time's a charm. For once I have updater news that doesn't involve the phrase "it's broken". :-) Continue reading »

New Build Released

And the Linux updater is still broken. No, you're not having deja vu, that is what my last post was about. It seems that my fix for that problem created a different problem, so Linux users will need to download the binary-only file again to get the fixed client. If you don't, the update may appear to work, but the actual game executable won't be updated properly and you'll be stuck on the old version. Hopefully this is the last time we need to have this talk. ;-) Continue reading »

Oops - Updater Broken

Apparently my testing of the updater was not good enough, and when I tried to download the update with all of the new textures, it failed to work properly. Unfortunately this means that in order to properly update everyone will need to download a new copy of the files. Continue reading »

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