Welcome to Coldest

Welcome to the home of the open source mech combat game, Coldest. On this site you can find general information about playing the game, screenshots, and forums for contacting other players and the developer. Best of all, the game is completely free so don't hesitate to give it a try!

Note: The game is currently in a state that could generously be described as beta. The site is similar. Please report any problems with either of them in the forums or the bugs database.

Good News, Everyone!

No, don't run away! It actually is good news! Futurama is coming back! Continue reading »

Upgrade to Debian Lenny

Since Debian Etch has recently gone out of support for security updates, I was forced to go through some hassle getting to Debian Lenny. Unfortunately the virtual server I'm running on doesn't support normal upgrading through apt, so a clean install was necessary. I've reinstalled almost everything at this point, but there may still be parts of the site not working. It's also quite possible that the site will go down again in the near future because there were some problems when I did my first update, so when I reboot I'm not convinced it will come back up properly. Keep your fingers crossed.:-) Continue reading »

Where Have I Been?

Where indeed. To start with, I had decided to take a bit of a break to catch up on some things I had been neglecting before. Unfortunately the break became indefinite when I made the mistake of "upgrading" to KDE 4. Sadly, two years after the first allegedly stable KDE release, KDevelop 4 is still not only considered beta, but it's not a Google-style beta that is perfectly usable. From my experience, it's really only useful to developers who are actually working on KDevelop itself. Continue reading »

Back to Development

As you've probably noticed, I lied in my last post. Given the relatively small interest so far (thanks to everyone who gave it a shot though!) I've decided to get back to work and see if I can make Coldest a bit more marketable. As it stands, even if everyone who downloaded it kept playing it wouldn't be enough to support an online-only game like this. Granted, there are a few more places I could look for players, but I've already tried the ones I expected to generate the most interest and given the time of year I expect a lot of gamers are busy with the AAA titles coming out right now. Continue reading »

A Couple of Quick Updates

Yes, I'm still here, despite what the lack of any updates to the front page might indicate. It was recently brought to my attention that all of my wiki links wouldn't work unless you had a SourceForge account already. That was unintentional on my part and has since been fixed.

On a more interesting note: I plan to do some larger scale testing next week. Currently I'm looking at Wednesday night, but that's not set in stone yet. Check back early next week for final details.

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