Welcome to Coldest

Welcome to the home of the open source mech combat game, Coldest. On this site you can find general information about playing the game, screenshots, and forums for contacting other players and the developer. Best of all, the game is completely free so don't hesitate to give it a try!

Note: The game is currently in a state that could generously be described as beta. The site is similar. Please report any problems with either of them in the forums or the bugs database.

Here Be Dragons

Yes, I know I'm not the first person to apply that phrase to my code, but I promise I came up with the idea before I found out about the others. In any case, that admonition appears at the top of my collision detection code AKA "where edge cases are literally edge cases". Note that this is actually a proper use of "literally" as opposed to most of the places you'll see it.:-) Continue reading »

Initial Testing a Success

First Test

After some very limited real-world testing Coldest appears to be in pretty good shape. A number of problems were found in our one-on-one game, but on the whole the important things worked well, or at least well enough, and all of the problems we found have been fixed.:-)

Hopefully some larger scale testing can take place shortly and once that is scheduled I will provide the details here. In the meantime, enjoy the new screenshot of the player who helped me with the initial testing (thanks Bman!).

Almost Ready Now

Thanks to Valgrind I've tracked down the last serious bug(s) that I'm aware of, so testing could commence tonight if I were so inclined. I'm having a few client-side performance problems again though, and I'm trying to eliminate or at least reduce those before I package up a build for testing and make a concerted effort to find testers. Small-scale testing would be fine right now, but when I connect to a server with 15 bots connected I have a pretty poor framerate and a few minor hitching problems. Continue reading »

Last-Minute Delays

As you may have noticed, testing of Coldest hasn't actually started yet. This is due to a number of different things, including but not limited to:

  • The death of my home webserver.
  • More Windows STL problems.
  • A crash (possibly particle-related) that I discovered during testing

Server Problems and Status Update

Over the past week there have been a couple of completely unrelated server problems but they should be resolved now. First, the subversion server has been down off and on for a couple of weeks due to a combination of hard drive failure and internet connection problems. It should be working at the moment because I've setup a virtual server to handle that stuff until my new replacement arrives (hopefully next week sometime). As long as my internet doesn't fail again that will work for now. Continue reading »

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